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We drive your car, so you don’t have to

If you’ve driven somewhere and need to be picked up, just use Prime Pickup Service to get both you and your car home safely. Once you request a pickup, we’ll dispatch two drivers to your location, one to drive you home in your vehicle and the other to pick up your driver when finished. It’s a convenient and affordable way to avoid leaving your car behind and having to pick it up the next day.


  • £18 minimum fare (journeys up to 2 miles), £2.00 per additional half mile
  • £3 per 5-minute waiting time (initial 5-minute grace time given)
  • £3 surcharge for pick-ups at 10pm or thereafter, and also on Sundays 
  • £18 cancellation fee if less than 45 minutes notice is given

Other rates may apply on bank holidays

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